What is a SpeedStation?Order Equipment

Change of Direction

Eight foot bungee with hip belt assembly. Work short distance movements under resistance. Start, stop, accelerate, and decelerate, through linear and lateral movements. Improve explosive starts and direction change.

Upper Body

Work upper body pushing and pulling fast-twitch movements. Develop stabilizing muscles and connective tissue. Bungee assembly and two handles. Adjust resistance by adjusting distance from station.

Lower Body – Jumper

Hip belt assembly with dual twitch band assemblies to put resistance on squats, jump squats, lunges, resisted jumping jacks and other exercise drills. Improve vertical and broad jump.

Hip Power

Bungee assembly and two ankle straps. Perform a variety of exercises to build hip flexors, hamstrings and core—all components of overall hip power. Exercises performed from back or facing floor.

Basic Workout

For overall workout design we recommend including:

Dynamic Warm-up 5 to 15 minutes

SpeedStation training 15 minutes

Field Gear drills 15 minutes

Cool Down and Stretch 5 to 15 minutes

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