Trainers and Gym Owners


The SpeedStationTM is perfect for trainers and gym owners looking to add high intensity, functional fitness programs to current efforts.

This product is unique and provides an opportunity to put a group through a variety of innovative workouts—integrating with medicine balls, kettle bells, jump rope or step elements.

Blend SpeedStations Into Your Fitness Boot Camps

The SpeedStation bring high intensity training and interval training options to your current program—providing a cool differentiator and a very practical tool. Put four clients on the SpeedStationTM at the same time, while their partners are in active rest or recovery from the sets they just performed.

Work them hard in structured work:rest progressions that push their bodies in functional high intensity movements under light resistance. Working in pairs and a small group of up to eight makes for a great dynamic in pushing clients, on exercise equipment they will keep talking about.

Stitch the SpeedStation in With Medicine Ball or Kettlebell Training

TrainersAs a Personal Trainer or CrossFit Affiliate, you know how to put the pieces together to create rigorous, high intensity workouts.

Let eight clients work on the SpeedStationTM in a structured rotation that makes them sweat, while another eight are working Medicine Ball or Kettlebell drills for strength and explosion. Switch them up once for twelve to thirteen minutes so each group works both SpeedStationTM and/or Medicine Balls and Kettlebells.

Start with a dynamic warm up and finish it with your cool down to create a great 30-40 minute high intensity workout they will remember through the day.

Integrate a SpeedStation into Your CrossFit Box

TrainerThis is a simple piece of equipment that is entirely focused on core, functional movements with high intensity.

No dials, fancy settings, or bells and whistles.

This innovative design uses resistance bands and bungees to deliver high intensity functional workouts. Sprint, back pedal, side-shuffle, mount climbers, front-back-side lunges, squats, jump squats, side plank with hip flexor drills, and so on—there are a wide range of basic functional movements you can perform with high intensity under light resistance on the SpeedStationTM.

With those beginning to weight train in your box, use the SpeedStationTM to reinforce good form especially in the back squat and the power clean. Take the SpeedStationTM outdoors and integrate with other elements of your WOD—it is easy to move.

Change up the assemblies—two jumper stations and two change of direction to put the emphasis on the speed and explosion in the lower body under light resistance.