At Home

Don’t Slide–Make Progress Off-Season

At-Home-2aThe SpeedStation comes with access to professional training programs you can follow at home to build the athletic foundation.

SpeedStations are used today in football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, and tennis programs.

Integrate the system into your off-season work. Train two to three times per week as a supplement to weight training or other conditioning and drills.

The SpeedStation can be used on any flat area with 30 feet by 10 feet to work. Backyard, garage, home gym, training field.

The SpeedStation can be readily moved for workouts.

Complement Distance Running or Treadmill Work

at-homeDistance running works your slow-twitch muscles and burns calories. Much of the gain is achieved in the actual workout — burning calories largely based on your sustained heart rate and speed. By contrast, the SpeedStationTM targets the development of fast-twitch muscles fibers and muscle groups.

High-intensity workouts in explosive bursts under light resistance prompts signals to your body to develop more muscle. This process extends well beyond the immediate workout, both helping to build muscle and burn more calories.

Adding fast-twitch development to your running program will develop your body more completely and will drive improvements in your distance running efforts.

Complement Weight Lifting

trainers2A wide variety of weight lifting programs will help you achieve gains in strength and size.

Virtually all will encourage you to supplement your weightlifting with high intensity training (cardio work) and some low intensity sessions during the course of the week.

Use the SpeedStationTM for high intensity training to increase your metabolism, gain explosiveness, and get lean. High intensity interval training on the SpeedStationTM can deliver results in two to three sessions per week of approximately 45 mintues.

This fitness training equipment is flexible and can support a wide range of functional movements—adding light resistance to address the stabilizing muscles and to train your body to explode into a movement.

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