Got SWAG? Prove it with a SWAG Challenge event!

Sign up your team to compete or get more information! Spots are already filling up for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.



You get a competitive combine training event for your athletes focused on speed and explosiveness!

You will be able to review your individual player performances and stats while comparing your team against other teams in your state and nationwide to see how you stack up!

Players and teams will get to compete in State and National SWAG Championships!

Students will have access to college scholarship opportunities through our partners!!!

Here’s how it works:

  • SpeedTracs sends certified professionals to your school with SpeedStations to set up for the event.
  • Your athletes will use the SpeedStations to compete against each other and be assessed in 4 unique performance and athletic drills.
  • Each athlete will earn a SWAG stat and have access to our nationwide leaderboard

The only thing you need to provide is the permission to organize and hold the event on your school’s campus. There is no other cost to you because everything is covered by our partners.