Foundation for Young Athletes

Youth sports are changing—creating many more opportunities for our children to develop and make lifelong memories. As parents, a variety of tools are available to help children develop athletically including club sports, sports camps, personal trainers, and equipment at home. The SpeedStation provides an opportunity for your child to develop athletic capabilities away from team practice and in the off-season—building speed, agility, explosiveness and stamina.

Youth Sports—Give Your Developing Athlete an Advantage

While the SpeedStation is used in professional athletic settings, it is also entirely appropriate to develop boys and girls in youth sports. The system is used with children as young as upper elementary grades to develop their overall physical conditioning as well as to work on speed, agility, explosion and endurance. The resistance bands (unlike weight lifting) place emphasis on functional body weight movements, but with light resistance at high repetitions. This prompts development of the fast-twitch muscle groups essential to jumping higher, sprinting faster and performing better on the field or court.

Help Your Child Build Solid Functional Strength

We all notice the large muscle groups on a body. But, to play sports without injury, it is very important to develop the range of smaller stabilizing muscles especially in the shoulders, hip region and knees. Performing conditioning drills on the SpeedStation will develop the full range of muscles including the smaller stabilizing ones, to your child can perform well in their sport. Each position on the SpeedStation offers a set of exercises that will build functional strength, along with improving speed, agility, explosion and stamina. Work with your child, coach them, or let them train with friends. The SpeedStation provides a host of options all contributing to your child’s development.

Summer Camp for Skills, SpeedStation to Build Athletic Foundation

Tens of thousands of children each year attend youth sports camps to build skills in basketball, soccer, lacrosse, baseball and softball especially. Sports camps can be critical to developing essential skills—reinforced with an opportunity to play and scrimmage against other rising players. But camps rightly need to place emphasis on the skill development rather than overall conditioning or improving speed, agility, and explosion. It is tough to accomplish much in one week. The SpeedStation provides a powerful tool to complement the time your child spends in youth sports camps building skills and getting playing time. Let them train through the summer and off-season periods two-three times per week on the SpeedStation working through our progressive training program to get faster, more agile, more explosive and to have greater endurance.