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SpeedTracs (STA) provides competition training program management, primarily for secondary schools but also for communities and businesses.

This management includes: a. pre event coordination, including school and student registration b. event management, including testing and tracking c. post event wrap up, including reporting, analysis, and recognition.

This program management is conducted in the form of a unique fitness challenge, the SWAG Challenge, based on the innovative SpeedStation.

What is a SWAG Challenge?

A SWAG Challenge is based on competition training.

ChallengeStudies show that training is enhanced and results are improved when there is competition involved.

Competition arises when at least two parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared.

This instinctive characteristic is what drives the SWAG Challenge. The SWAG Challenge combines the competition gene, which is ingrained in all organisms from birth, with our unique team building programs to enhance performance in any field: sports, community, or business.

We have a proven program that is being used by hundreds of high schools across the county and has been endorsed by some of the most recognized brands such as the National Guard and Powerade. Training is necessary whether you’re a young athlete or business executive.

The intensity of the SWAG Challenge will strengthen your team’s comradery by distinctly identifying leaders and enhancing the group’s performance as each individual competes for his or her best SWAG Stat, which in result, will increase the overall team SWAG Stat.

Challenge Package

  • 3 Standard SpeedStations
  • One SpeedStation Deluxe
  • 4 Sponsor Branded stickers per SpeedStation