Featured Challenges

SWAG Football – Spring 16

springfootballchallengeIn Spring 2016, over 350 high schools from Alaska to Florida are competing in State and National SWAG Championships. Athletes can review their individual player performance and SWAG Stats to see how everyone stacks up. All participants have access to college scholarship opportunities through our partners.

Here’s how it works:

  • SpeedTracs sends certified professionals to your school with SpeedStations to set up for the event.
  • Your athletes will use the SpeedStations to compete against each other and be assessed in 4 unique performance and athletic drills.
  • Each athlete will earn a SWAG Stat and have access to our nationwide leaderboard

Only the permission from a head football coach or athletic director is needed to organize and hold the event on a school’s campus. There is no other cost because everything is covered by our partners.

Guard Fitness Challenge

guardfitnesschallenge2SpeedTracs provides a FREE combine training event on your campus that includes athlete performance testing, tracking and score rankings on a national leaderboard. The goal is to actively engage and motivate your athletes through competition training.

The Guard Fitness Challenge allows your athletes to compare their combine performance, or SWAG Stat, against others around the country on SpeedTracs’ elite training system, the SpeedStation.

We provide the SpeedStations and run the competition on your campus at no cost to you. We provide each participant a unique SWAG scoring app used for measuring their SWAG and posting their results for comparison.

This ongoing and unique challenge will drive competition while improving your team’s performance.

Fitness For Life Challenge

ffl-challenge25 high schools around the country were selected by the National Guard to participate in the 2015 Fitness for Life Challenge. SpeedTracs conducted a fitness competition with the Physical Education (P.E.) classes of each school measuring fitness improvement of defined tests over the semester. All schools involved received SpeedStations to use during the semester. SpeedTracs’ state-of-the-art fitness equipment and proven curriculum focuses on fast-twitch muscles to build speed and agility, as well as injury prevention.

SpeedTracs trainers trained P.E. teachers on the benefits of the system and provided them the tools to lead their classes through this semester long competition. National Guard recruiters then joined teachers and SpeedTracs trainers on site to participate in activities, and distribute program Swag to all participants. Torrington High School from Wyoming was be crowned Fitness for Life Champion at the end of the semester.

SWAG Challenge


A SWAG Challenge is based on competition training.

Studies show that training is enhanced and results are improved when there is competition involved. Competition arises when at least two parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared.

This instinctive characteristic is what drives the SWAG Challenge. The SWAG Challenge combines the competition gene, which is ingrained in all organisms from birth, with our unique team building programs to enhance performance in any field: sports, community, or business.

We have a proven program that is being used by hundreds of high schools across the county and has been endorsed by some of the most recognized brands such as the National Guard and PrepStar. Training is necessary whether you’re a young athlete or business executive.

The intensity of the SWAG Challenge will strengthen your team’s comradery by distinctly identifying leaders and enhancing the group’s performance as each individual competes for his or her best SWAG Stat, which in result, will increase the overall team SWAG Stat.

Volleyball Challenge

swagvolleyballSpeedTracs provided high school and club programs from Georgia in the Fall of 2015 with an opportunity to test their elite volleyball talent. Speed and agility was challenged to see which individuals and teams recorded the best SWAG Stats. Without the need for pencil and paper, athletes used our mobile stopwatch and posted their scores to the national leaderboard. This free event also delivered a SpeedStation workout specific to volleyball.

Whether on grass or the hard court, SpeedTracs is ready to challenge athletes of all sports and backgrounds.